Same same but different

Same same but different

Over the past three months of the election campaign we haven’t seen any big differences between Abbott and Gillard’s policies on major issues. What is difference between the two major parties on the issue of refugees?  They both propose same policy which is the old Howard government policy on refugees. Gillard’s government is proposing a refugee processing centre in neighbourhood countries, which is exactly the same as John Howard’s government policy in the previous year therefore it is move backward on refugee issues.

Kevin Rudd made a clear distinction between his immigration policy and the Howard immigration policy.  It was one of reason why Kevin Rudd won the 2007 election. Australian people did saw the different policies and the people voted accordingly.  Now the Gillard government is saying they are moving forward, but on the policy issue they are moving backward.  It may disappoint many labour voters and It is certainly disappoints me as a voter.

Yes, she is first female prime minister As a person I would vote for Gillard but Gillard refugee policy is not the policy I am looking on new government.  The refugee policy is may be a reason for many labour voters turn away and expressed they will vote for the Greens.

Many voters are voting for the greens because  they are looking for an alternative to the two major parties but they are not much different therefore the other alternative is the Greens.  The green won’t win the majority but they will have strong influence in the both houses.  The greens have became the third big party in the political field and are emerging political power.  It is the time for greens, because the world is changing toward prioritising the green issues.  For example, fifty years ago the liberal party was only the big party and one of the most popular party in this country and the labour party was not very powerful and it was unpopular party but now the labour party has   became one of the big party therefore it is possible that the same will occur with the greens. It is the time for greens to pick some extra votes. The Greens are offering something different to the two major parties, therefore they have a strong chance in being successful in this election.  For Example, Barack Obama won the president election in 2008 because he was different and he made it clear to the American people that his policies were different from Bush and John McCain.

Gillard and Abbott have no differences in major policies, therefore the best option for Australian people are the greens.  The green is different and difference will win the election.


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