Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle


I watched a documentary on ABC called “Dick Smith’s population puzzle” about population growth and its impact on climate change.  There were two points that Dick Smith expressed that appealed to me. Smith said that world population growth was one of the major factors that causes global warming.  According to scientists, every single human being produces carbon emissions on the planet. The difference is only in the quantity of the carbon emissions.  Some Individual’s Carbon Footprint (CF) is higher and some people’s CF is lower but they all still produce CF. The growth of the world’s population increases the CF. and is therefore a serious issue for climate change.  We need to reduce the population on a national level and on an international level.

Smith said that Australia needs to stabilise its population. With migration, Dick Smith asserts that Australia doesn’t need skilled migration but Australia could increase it’s humanitarian migration and this would keep Australia’s population stable. He argues that if Australia continues to take more skilled migration it will create more problems on the other side of the world. Many third world countries have being losing their skilled workers because they are attracted to working in Australia because of higher pay. In Australia, there are high numbers of Indian Doctors and engineers. India needs those skilled workers more than Australia needs them. India is developing nation and the qualified workers are important to develop the economy of the nation. Those skilled migrants received the education opportunities in their original country and that opportunity was given to them by their people and their government. I would suggest they should work for their original country. I see this as being their moral responsibility.

Another issue caused by skilled migration is that it creates unemployment in Australia.  It is hard to get job in any field because skilled migrants perform better then average Australian, therefore employers likely to employ skilled workers.

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